Payment and deposit timing

Payin cutoffs times

To be included in each day's batch of payins, a payin needs to be initiated by:

  • 9pm ET for ACH
  • 11pm ET for cards

Deposit timing

Deposits are created on each US banking day, for each merchant who has payment volume that has been released.

Release timelines are set jointly by Rainforest and your platform, and can be configured separately for each merchant that you board. In general, release times are:

  • Card processing: T+1, meaning that funds are released the first banking day after the day of its batch.
  • ACH: T+2 to T+4, meaning that funds are released between two and four days after the batch.

Let's look at an example for a merchant configured for T+1 on cards and T+2 for ACH. Their payments on Thursday evening would be deposited on as following:

Payin timePayin methodDeposited on
Thursday at 8pmCardFriday
Thursday at 11:30pmCardMonday
Thursday at 8pmACHMonday
Thursday at 10pmACHTuesday

Contact support if you have further questions about deposit timing or the release times configured on your merchants.