Payment actions

Once a payin has been captured, a payin ID and a payment method ID are returned. These can be used to perform payment actions via API. Actions that can be taken are Voids, Refunds and Payins from Stored Payment Methods.


A refund request utilizing the payin_id will result in either a void, where the payment is cancelled prior to any funds moving, or a refund, where funds are moved back from the merchant to the user, based on the status of the payin when the request is initiated. For both card and ACH payins, a void can only be performed prior to settlement. Card refunds can be performed anytime after settlement. ACH returns can be submitted at any point after settlement but may be held until the administrative return window has passed.

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Full and partial refunds

If no amount is sent in the refund request the full amount of the payin will be refunded. Any amount greater than $0 and less than the total payin amount will refund the amount specified in the request and the refund will be considered a partial refund.

Note: partial refunds are only allowed after settlement. Voids must be for the full amount of the payin.

Payin from a stored payment method

A payin can be created from a stored payment method by sending the payment_method_id received from capturing a previous payin or storing a payment method via the payment component.

Creating a payin from a stored payment method can be utilized to run a new one-time payin or for recurring or installment payins. The platform is responsible for maintaining the recurring schedule and submitting the payment_method_id in the request each time a new payin is requested to be processed.

The process, statuses, and responses are the same for a payin from a stored payment method as a new payin processed from the payment component.