Split payments

Add amount splits to payins to apply an additional fee

Amount splits can be passed in the payin config request to represent how the payin should be split amongst multiple parties.

Currently only one PLATFORM amount split is allowed. This can be used to charge a flat rate fee to the merchant in addition to, or instead of, merchant fees. This fee is paid out to the platform on a daily basis.

In order to specify a platform fee, the type should be set to PLATFORM.

    "merchant_id": "{{merchant_id}}",
    "idempotency_key": "{{idempotency_key}}",
    "amount": 10000,
    "currency_code": "USD",
    "amount_splits": [
            "amount": 500,
            "currency_code": "USD",
            "type": "PLATFORM"

In this example, the $100 payin with a $5 platform fee would result in $95 being deposited to the merchant and $5 being deposited to the platform.

If no amount splits are provided, the total amount will be allocated to the specified merchant. Additionally, any remaining amount not specified by the amount splits will be allocated to the specified merchant.