Chargeback webhooks


Webhooks can be configured to receive updates on every status change that occurs through the lifecycle of a chargeback.

Chargeback webhook payload

The webhook payload data field represents all chargeback detail fields returned by the get chargeback endpoint.

Chargeback events

chargeback.pendingTriggered when a cardholder disputes a card payment. The amount of the chargeback and applicable fees will be subtracted from the merchant's next deposit. The merchant now has a window to submit evidence to try to win the dispute. The chargeback remains in this state until a final won or loss decision has been made.
chargeback.wonTriggered when a merchant wins the dispute and gets their money back. The amount of the chargeback that is won will be returned to the merchant in their next deposit.
chargeback.lostTriggered when a merchant loses a dispute and is now irrevocably not going to receive the money.