Payins and payouts

In the Rainforest ecosystem, a Payment describes the movement of funds from a User to a Merchant, which we call a Payin, and from a Merchant to a User, which we call a Payout. We strongly recommend that all sensitive payment data (i.e. card and ACH account information) be collected via our payment component to reduce your PCI DSS scope (and reduce your merchant's scope, too).

Payments resources

Payment component

A configurable, embeddable component to collect sensitive payment data and process payments.

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Receipt component

A component that displays payment receipts to Users.

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Additional functionality

Beyond standard payment processing, Rainforest gives you additional functionality to increase the value of your embedded payments solution.

Level 2/3 processing

Collect and send additional data elements to reduce passthrough interchange costs assessed by the payment networks (Visa and Mastercard).

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Split payments

Split the deposit of a payin to multiple parties, including adding a platform fee.

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