Dispute reason codes

ACH Disputes

R05Unauthorized Consumer Debit using Corporate SEC CodeConsumer60 Calendar Days
R08Payment StoppedConsumer or Business2 Banking Days
R10Originator not known and/or not authorized to Debit Receiver’s AccountConsumer or Business60 Calendar Days
R11Customer advises not within Authorization TermsConsumer or Business60 Calendar Days
R29Not Authorized by Corporate CustomerBusiness2 Banking Days

Card Disputes

Visa Chargeback Codes

Chargeback CodeDescription
10.1EMV Liability Shift Counterfeit Fraud
10.2EMV Liability Shift Non-Counterfeit Fraud
10.3Other Fraud — Card Present Environment
10.4Other Fraud — Card Absent Environment
10.5Visa Fraud Monitoring Program
11.1Card Recovery Bulletin
11.2Declined Authorization
11.3No Authorization
Processing Errors
12.1Late Presentment
12.2Incorrect Transaction Code
12.3Incorrect Currency
12.4Incorrect Account Number
12.5Incorrect Amount
12.6.1Duplicate Processing
12.6.2Paid by Other Means
12.7Invalid Data
Consumer Disputes
13.1Merchandise/Services Not Received
13.2Cancelled Recurring
13.3Not as Described or Defective Merchandise/Services
13.4Counterfeit Merchandise
13.6Credit Not Processed
13.7Cancelled Merchandise/Services
13.8Original Credit Transaction Not Accepted
13.9Non-Receipt of Cash or Load Transaction Value

Mastercard Chargeback Codes

Chargeback CodeDescription
4808Warning Bulletin File
4808Authorization-Related Chargeback
4808Account Number Not on File
4808Required Authorization Not Obtained
4808Expired Chargeback Protection Period
4808Multiple Authorization Requests
4808Cardholder-Activated Terminal (CAT) 3 Device
Point of Interaction Error
4834Point of Interaction Error
4834Transaction Amount Differs
4834Late Presentment
4834Point-of-Interaction Currency Conversion
4834Duplication/Paid by Other Means
4834ATM Disputes
4834Loss, Theft, or Damages
4837No Cardholder Authorization
4849Questionable Merchant Activity
4870EMV Chip Liability Shift
4871EMV Chip/PIN Liability Shift
Cardholder Disputes
4853Cardholder Dispute of a Recurring Transaction
4853Goods or Services Not Provided
4853No-Show Hotel Charge
4853Addendum Dispute
4853Credit Not Processed
4853Goods/Services not as Described or Defective
4853Digital Goods $25 or less
4853Counterfeit Goods
4853Transaction Did Not Complete
4853Credit Posted as a Purchase
4854Cardholder Dispute Not Classified Elsewhere
4850Installment Billing Dispute (Participating Countries Only)
4999Domestic Chargeback Dispute (Europe Region Only)

American Express Chargeback Codes

Chargeback CodeDescription
A01Charge Amount Exceeds Authorization Amount
A02No Valid Authorization
A08Authorization Approval Expired
F10Missing Imprint
F14Missing Signature
F24No Card Member Authorization
F29Card Not Present
F30EMV Counterfeit
F31EMV Lost/Stolen/Non-Received
Card Member Dispute
C02Credit Not Processed
C04Goods/Services Returned or Refused
C05Goods/Services Cancelled
C08Goods/Services Not Received
C14Paid by Other Means
C18“No Show” or CARDeposit Cancelled
C28Cancelled Recurring Billing
C31Goods/Services Not as Described
C32Goods/Services Damaged or Defective
Processing Error
P01Unassigned Card Number
P03Credit Processed as Charge
P04Charge Processed as Credit
P05Incorrect Charge Amount
P07Late Submission
P08Duplicate Charge
P22Non-Matching Card Number
P23Currency Discrepancy
R03Insufficient Reply
R13No Reply
M01Chargeback Authorization
M10Vehicle Rental - Capital Damages
M49Vehicle Rental - Theft or Loss of Use
FR2Fraud Full Recourse Program
FR4Immediate Chargeback Program
FR6Partial Immediate Chargeback Program

Discover Chargeback Codes

Chargeback CodeDescription
UA01Fraud – Card Present Transaction
UA02Fraud – Card Not Present Transaction
UA05Fraud – Chip Counterfeit Transaction
UA06Fraud – Chip and PIN Transaction
UA10Request Transaction Receipt (swiped card transactions)
UA11Cardholder Claims Fraud (swiped transaction, no signature)
NANo Authorization
DADeclined Authorization
ATAuthorization Non-Compliance
EXExpired Card
Processing Errors
INInvalid Card Number
LPLate Presentation
5Good Faith Investigation
AADoes Not Recognize
APRecurring Payments
AWAltered Amount
CDCredit/Debit Posted Incorrectly
DPDuplicate Processing
ICIllegible Sales Data
NFNon-Receipt of Cash from ATM
PMPaid by Other Means
RGNon-Receipt of Goods, Services, or Cash
RMCardholder Disputes Quality of Goods or Services
RN2Credit Not Processed
DCDispute Compliance
NCNot Classified