Webhooks overview

You can configure Rainforest to send a webhook notification to a URL of your choosing for any payment or deposit event.

How to configure webhooks

To configure a webhook, head on over to the Webhooks tab in the Rainforest Platform Portal.

Start by adding an endpoint. You will be prompted to enter the URL to receive the webhooks and choose which events you wish to trigger.


Read a webhook payload

Every webhook payload will include a data and event_type field. Your endpoint must check the event_type to parse the data payload. The event_type includes the Rainforest resource that represents the data payload and the event that occurred on the resource.

    "data": {
    "event_type": "payin.processing"

Validating webhooks

To ensure the webhooks you receive from Rainforest are valid, we sign each request with a signing key, unique to your account. It's important that you verify their authenticity. Checkout the verify webhooks recipe above for a detailed walkthrough.

Webhook source IP addresses

All webhooks are sent from the following IP addresses: