Rainforest overview

Make money move with robust payment flows

What is Rainforest?

Rainforest is a payments-as-a-service solution that lets you embed payments into your software, allowing your merchants to accept payments from users.

What can you do with Rainforest?

Onboard and manage merchants

Utilizing our embedded component or API, submit for real-time onboarding processing payments in minutes. Rainforest performs the Know Your Customer (KYC) and Know Your Business (KYB) verifications requirement by the card brands and provides you with an approved, declined, or manual review response within minutes. Updating merchants can be handled via component or API.

Accept payments

Accept payments from users on behalf of merchants via a configurable embedded component. Utilize the same component for card and ACH payments. All successful transactions return a stored payment method that can be utilized for future repeated payments.

Deposits to merchants

Rainforest calculates the funds due to each merchant and automatically sends the deposits based on the profile timing on either a daily net or monthly gross basis.

Embed reports

Embed standard payment and deposit reports into your software, that look and feel like you. Or, configure the reports for your unique use case utilizing our component studio. Payment reports include embedded void/refund functionality to simplify your integration.

Integration options

Rainforest offers two integration options: easily embeddable components, or a behind-the-curtain API-only integration.

Embeddable Components

Embed our components in your UI. You control the look and feel. Check out our Working with components guide and our components studios to customize your components.


You completely control the UI and process via our API.


Use some components and augment with the API where you need greater customizability.

Terms to know

We'll be using a bunch of terms in our documentation, and while you can see a full list in our Glossary, here are some important ones.

The main players in Rainforest payment processing:

PlatformThis is you, the software embedding Rainforest.
MerchantsYour customers, the business or individuals that use your platform.
UsersYour merchants' customers, the people or businesses paying the merchant through your platform.

Money movements:

PaymentsThese are funds transferred between a User and a Merchant.
Payins and PayoutsPayins are funds transfered from a User to a Merchant. Payouts are funds transferred from a Merchant to a User.
DepositsDeposits are the batched payins netted fees, chargebacks, and returns that are sent to the merchant for a prior day's activity.