Common troubleshooting scenarios when integrating with Rainforest

We've listed a number of questions you might have during your integration. If you don't see what you're looking for, please let us know at [email protected].

"This component requires a secure connection"

If you use a local development environment that loads over an insecure connection, and does not use localhost as the origin, you will need to force your browser to treat this origin as secure in order for Rainforest components to function correctly.


  1. Open chrome://flags
  2. Search for "Insecure origins treated as secure"
  3. Add your local development domain to the list (e.g. https://rainforest.local)
  4. Toggle the setting to enabled and relaunch the browser

More details

The payment component depends on several cryptographic functions in order to securely handle sensitive data. To ensure that sensitive data is not compromised, most web browsers only allow these functions to run when the page is loaded over a secure connection.

Except for localhost and the loopback address (, most origins are not considered secure unless they're loaded over HTTPS.

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